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The active hunting part of the 2017-2018 season has started with early morning tubhunting every Sunday until the Opening Meet on Sunday 15th October at 12 noon and hunting will continue through to mid April, weather permitting. Full information about location of meets, charges etc can be found through the above links.

Hunt Meets and Event Reports - with the most recent at the top.

The Swan

The South Downs Bloodhounds Opening Meet Supper

The Swan, 11 West Street, Alresford, SO24 9AD. Arrival will be 7pm with the evening due to officially start at 7:30pm. The evening will consist of a three course meal with both meat and vegetarian options available as well as live music. Ticket prices will be £30pp. Please contact Chloe Morris on membership@southdownsbloodhounds.com if you wish to come along.

A Houndfest at Priors Dean 3/9/17
Priors Dean is a very special place for the South Downs Bloodhounds, as the Silk family were kind enough to be one of the first venues for a bloodhound meet. Since then we have had numerous meets there and I honestly cannot remember any day where the sport was less than good, usually the sport is excellent, and this morning proved to be one of the best. The weather was better for the hounds than the previous hunting day, which was a bit too warm. There was a good turnout of riders, with perfect going underfoot for horses .Our Quarries (left, l to r) were Tom, Lucy, Ems and James, with Chloe missing from the picture (probably touching up her makeup ) and they ran 4 very enjoyable hunts in pretty quick times.

Jeremy brought out fifteen and a half couples of hounds, of which, 4 couples were puppies. Hounds ran brilliantly all day and below is his Facebook post about the day.

Hunting in Priors Dean was a serious houndfest on Sunday and as such another memory for my heart. When hounds roared away on the grass on the first hunt, I suspect they woke the Devil himself with their cry. When they reached the end of the third field, overrunning by some 50 yards where the Quarries should have turned right, the hounds came to the road and stopped. With hardly a check they turned back back up the field, as the Quarries had done, to then get back onto the planned route. Across another field, to where the Quarries entered the incorrect next field. As this was still within the farmer's permitted access, hounds we permitted to run on, straight through where the Quarries should have stopped. Going through the rough ground opposite the church hounds screamed up to catch the Quarries in the field the Quarries should have been earlier! So bloodhound critics - hunting with bloodhounds is easy because you know where the Quarry is going eh?!  Another day where thinking you know where the Quarry SHOULD have gone is more difficult than having no idea where your Quarry has gone. The second hunt was equally entertaining as hounds came eventually to the stubble behind the Manor House. Hounds checked where the Quarry had turned, and made their way uphill to try for the line. A few hounds cast around downhill and hit the line off, causing the pack to turn around and charge downhill. Daisy, the pure bred bloodhound built like a brick outhouse, was a bit behind as she came down the hill full tilt. Not having much in the way of brakes she ran smack into the pack taking out a number of hounds before she was brought to a grinding halt. I actually did lol and nearly pmsl ! On the third hunt hounds once again checked as they ran across a hillside. The pack cast themselves uphill. Only Strumpet had a line downhill, but wasn't confident enough to speak to it. She gained over 100 yards on the pack before they swung round back down hill to pick up the line behind her. A truly fabulous day and I could tell you more, but I can hear you snoring.

By Megan Price

Tubhunting started at The Kennels 28/8/17
The Field

The Hounds

The 2017 - 2018 season's tubhunting has begun, with a well attended meet from the kennels. Jeremy' neighbour at the Kennels, John Nicholson of Hermitage Farm, is always so kind and accommodating and gave us loads of stubble to hunt over, and it was great to see Grace Nicholson come out and see the hounds between hunts. Tom Marks led a plethora of Quarries (tubbies as Jeremy calls them this time of year) including James Whale, Iain Stevenson and Montgomery Walker, who did all 6 hunts, and a sprinkling of young ladies on some of the hunts, in the shape of Helena Westwood Brown and Livvy Knowles The Boys

Jeremy Whaley's MBH Facebook post.
One always looks forward to the start of the season with excitement and trepidation. I have five couples of very late puppies to enter, less than a year old, with the doghounds still having a lot of maturing to do. Of course the advantage of "organised" hunting is that tiring hounds can be picked up in between hunts. Doublet was a bit lame, so didn't go, while Donald, Doolittle and Doughnut did 2 hunts. Daisy, Doris and Doodah did 5 hunts, while Docket, Dotty and Dormouse did the whole day. Perhaps the biggest surprise was Dormouse, because she is the runt of the litter, but her light frame probably gave her an advantage over her heavier siblings. Nonetheless, she still needed drive to take her forwards, and thankfully she appears to have this. Happy will not go out for a while yet, as she is even younger than the Do... litter.
The old hounds were pretty much as last season, with Strumpet, Stetson and Humorous being the stars, but some notable work from Helga and Heckle giving me optimism there might be room for improvement with them. I was very relieved to see Radar doing well, as he was badly injured when ridden over at Lopshill and hasn't hunted since then. I'm hoping my patience will pay off as he has that very rare combination of good looks and good work and is therefore worth breeding from. A bit like me really. What?! ..... Watch it

The 2017 Puppy Show 26/8/17
There were 2 couples of doghound puppies and 3 couples of bitches presented to our Judges, Mrs Carolyn Humphrey (ex Master the Hursley Hambledon Foxhounds) and Miss Kate Pickard MBH (Three Counties Bloodhounds) and they had quite a job to tell them apart, let alone judge them! Our senior Master helpfully called out their names - "Doolittle the black and tan one, and Doublet the tan and black one"! The puppies performed beautifully, with not a shy one amongst them. Sadly, Doublet was a bit lame, so that spoiled his chances. In the doghounds 1st Doodah, sponsored by Ollie Hopes and Bridget Simons, 2nd Doolittle, sponsored by Paige L'Anson and Debbie Lewis, 3rd Donald, sponsored by Holly and Rebecca Webster. In the bitches, 1st Doughnut, sponsored by Alice and Rosie Geaves, 2nd Doris, sponsored by Jack and Shannon Baigent, 3rd Docket, sponsored by Symon and Kate Robinson.

The SDB At The Shows

The South Downs Bloodhounds have had a busy summer going round many agricultural and horse shows, and even showed some hounds at the Peterborough Festival of Hunting, where Rampart and Rembrandt took first prize in the couples class, with the judges asking that Rembrandt be shown in the Champion judging, but he didn't win. Going to the shows involve a lot of work, as frequently this not only involves getting all the horses and hounds ready and parading them at the show, but the hounds usually stay at the shows all day so that the public can meet the hounds and talk to our volunteers manning our stand.

We did our usual stint at the New Forest Show, with hounds there all three days in the Countryside Area, and parading in the main ring on the Thursday. On the Wednesday, Jeremy Whaley MBH, Emma Whale MBH and Frankie Roberts taking part in the Inter-hunt relay competition. Mandy Westwood was also supposed to be in our team, but one team member from each team was stolen to make up a team to replace one that didn't turn up. Traditionally, we come last in this competition but, with no practice at all, we managed t come second to the New Forest Hounds.


Our own SDB Fun Horse and Dog Show was held at Fawley Farm this year, generously hosted by the Povey family. Louise Egginton had taken over the lead role for the show and she showed great courage in trying some new classes for people to enter, giving a broader appeal. This bold approach did produce a few minor technical difficulties, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. We were so lucky to get the support of so many volunteers to make this show work, not least our judges, Victoria Smith - Working Hunter, assisted by Emma Whale; Charlie Tanner - showing classes, assisted by Andrew Eveleigh; Symon Robinson- Show Jumping, assisted by Chessie pole; Judith Randall - dressage, with her husband as the writer; and Rachel - dog show. Of course many thanks to the numerous SDB helpers covering a multitude of other jobs.

We also went to Ellingham and Ringwood Show, where once again we paraded hounds and entered two teams in the Inter-hunt Relay. One mounted team and one team of Quarries to take on the New Forest Beagles. The mounted team of Jeremy Whaley MBH, Symon Robinson, Kieran Purkis and Louise Egginton came second, beaten by the New Forest Hounds again, but the Quarries, consisting of Tom Marks, Mandy Westwood, Ems Haworth and Iain Stevenson had a very exciting race, just beating the Beagles by the skin of their teeth! There was a heart stopping moment when Iain tripped and only just managed to stay on his feet.

Gillingham and Shaftsbury Show was a new show for us and once again this involved our hounds being on a stand all day, where, as usual, they aroused a lot of interest. It was a long way to go but well worth the effort. We made a lot of new friends ad hopefully generated more interest in hunting the clean boot with bloodhounds. We were lucky to have Marion and James with us as the hounds were one end of the showground, while the horses were at the other. At one point James was pulling wheelies on his mobility scooter to deliver a message from Jeremy to Sam and Amanda, who were working hard on the horses and turned them out beautifully. There were something like 12 packs of hounds in the ring and Jeremy managed to win first prize in the horn blowing competition.

Our final show of the summer season was our local Alresford Show in the glorious Tichborne Park. Our hounds were paraded in the show jumping ring, where they were well recieved, and remained in a pen all day for the general public to see, touch and talk about with our volunteer "staff". Judging by the picture of Radar on the left, the hounds didn't find this too stressful.


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Jeremy Whaley: Marion screaming at Helen, "Geroff him, I saw him first!"


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