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Beagles & Bassets


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Airedale Beagles
Old Berkeley Beagles
Blean Beagles
Royal Rock Beagles
Chilmark & Clifton Foot Beagles
Stoke Hill Beagles
East Lincolnshire Bassets
The Weardale & Tees Valley Beagles
Isle of Wight Beagles
Trinity Foot & South Hertfordshire Beagles
Mr Jonathon Elliott's Beagles
Westerby Bassets
Newcastle & District Beagles












Burne Bloodhounds
Four Shires Bloodhounds
Cheshire Bloodhounds
Highmoor Bloodhounds
Coakham Bloodhounds
Holestone Farmers Bloodhounds
Cranwell Bloodhounds
Kent & Surrey Bloodhounds
Down Bloodhounds
Readyfield Bloodhounds
East Anglian Bloodhounds
Southern Shires Bloodhounds
Farmers Bloodhounds
West Wales Farmers Bloodhounds














Cheshire Farmers Draghounds
The Lynfi Vale Draghounds
Berks & Bucks Draghounds
North East Cheshire Drag Hunt
















Ashford Valley Foxhounds
Hurworth Hunt
Badsworth Hunt
Isle of Wight Foxhounds
Braes of Derwent Hunt
Jedforest Hunt
Blencathra Hunt
Kinkardinshire Hunt
Clifton-on-Teme Hunt
Llangeinor Hunt
College Valley & North Northumberland Hunt
Mendip Farmers
Cotswold Hunt
New Forest Hounds
Derwent Hunt
North Cotswold Hunt
East Kent Hunt
North Shropshire Hunt
Essex Hunt
Pennine Hunt
Fernie Hunt
Quorn Hunt
Garth & South Berks Hunt
Spooners and West Dartmoor
Grove & Rufford Hunt
Sir Watkin Williams Wynn's
VWH (Vale of White Horse)
Zetland Hunt










Cotley Harriers
High Peak Harriers
Easton Harriers
Holcombe Harriers















Cornwall & Devon Minkhounds
Norfolk Minkhounds
















Central Otago Hunt New Zealand
Masters of Foxhounds Association (USA) links to many USA hunts
Ellerslie Camperdown Hunt Australia
















Endangered Exmoor
Julia Hyslop Hunter hirelings in Liecestershire
Liam's Hunting Directory
Old Norriss' Foxhunting Page
France (Hunting in)
Vets for Hunting
Wales 98 Hunting in Wales
Hunting World fascinating worldwide hunting site














Masters of Bloodhounds Association
Masters of Foxhounds Association (UK)
Masters of Harriers and Beagles Association
Irish Masters of Foxhounds Association (IMFHA)
Masters of Deer Hounds Association
Code of Practice for Packs of Foxhounds
Masters Of Draghounds and Bloodhounds Association
Masters of Minkhounds Association
Masters of Foxhounds Association (USA)
The Central Committee of Fell Packs














British Falconers Club
British Association for Shooting & Conservation Ltd
Foresight (Shooting)
Gone Fishing
Gun Trade Association
Harrier Club of America
The British Hawking Association
Scottish Gamekeepers Association
Association of Lurcher Clubs
Classic Pistol Indoor Range (USA)












Calcutt & Sons Saddlers, repairs, clothing
Kevin Milner Sporting photographer
Equimend and Meadow Saddles Saddles, repairs, rugs.
Meon Springs Fly fishing, Coporate events, storage
Feed Thyme Horse/animal feed/equipment supplier
Sharon Thayer Sporting Photographer.(Has most SDB meets)
Froxfield Hampshire Froxfield village website
Scotland Farm Bed & Breakfast
Fur Feather and Fin Country living gifts and accessories
South Downs Livery Stables in SDB area
Greg Knight Sporting photographer
WhaleyOnline Web setup and design

















Other Hunting/Equestrian/Agricultural Businesses

Berkeley Studio Prints & Sporting Cartoons
Kimmerston Riding Centre Riding, Livery, & Hirelings
Calcutt & Sons Saddlers /Clothing /Hunting Horns
Liam's Hunting Directory
Cobbydog Dogfood supplier (site may not be active yet)
North Lammermuir Riding Club
The Countryman's Weekly Field Sports Online Magazine
Pam Reed Animal Artist
Davies Riding Boots Top Boots, Riding Boots & Tree maker
Riding safaris in Africa and Patagonia.
Horse Directory General Equestrian Site
G.K. Hadfield Antique Clocks
Horse and Pony Buy and sell horses etc.
Dartmoor Riding Holidays