So, what is Tubhunting?

Well this is the start of the hunting season, called tubhunting because our Quarries (human runners) have rested through the summer and got a bit tubby. Tubhunting runs until the Opening Meet in mid October, when it is the start of formal hunting.

These early meets are set early in the morning, or evening, to avoid the warmest part of the day. They are advertised on Facebook and on the Meets/Events page of the hunt's website
The hounds have been on hound exercise for the last 2 months, to get their pads hardened up and get them semi fit. It is also the time of year when young hounds are introduced to hunting. As such, it is very important people keep their horses away from the hounds. These meets also help build up the hounds fitness and confidence.

These meets consist of a number of short hunts, with no mobile jumps put out. Most of our tubhunting meets are on stubble, giving the riders plenty of room and, as such, quite good meets for newcomers. The number and length of hunts will vary from meet to meet, but usually, the earlier in the season the number of hunts are 3 -5, and start off as short hunts that increase in length as the season progresses.

Subscribers and newcomers are welcome to all meets, but if you're a newcomer or nervous, it's best to inform the Secretary and/or the Joint Masters out that day, and they will do their best to make sure someone keeps an eye on you. If you want to know something, just ask.

Please remember the Hunt Staff, wearing the blue coats with mustard collars and metal buttons are doing a job, so please give them plenty of room and obey any instructions given. We want you to enjoy yourself, but not at the expense of safety or damage to the land we hunt.

The Hunt Secretary usually sets up an "event" on the SDB Facebook page, and it's helpful if people book in there, so we have some idea on numbers, and if there are any changes we can let you know.

It is the duty of everyone attending the meet to seek out the person collecting the cap (daily charge) and it's helpful if you can bring the right money. Details of the different charges depending on age, can be found on the "Subscribe" page of the hunt's website, as well as contact information etc.

Any more questions, just seek out a hunt official or someone wearing SDB on their coat buttons, they will be happy to help.

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