Subscriptions and Caps 2019 - 2020
Family Membership Annual Subscription (2 Adults and children under 18) £1200 (£1150 if paid before June1st)
Adult Member Annual Subscription £650 (£600 if paid before June 1st)
Young Adult (18 - 22) £425 (£375 if paid before June 1st)
Child Annual Subscription (Under 18) £325 (£300 if paid before June 1st)
Adult Day Cap £55
Young Adult Day Cap (18-22) £40
Young Person Day Cap (12 - 17) £25
Child Day Cap (Under 12) £15
Lead Rein £10
Training Meets Caps as below
Training Meets Cap (18 and over) £30
Training Meets Cap (Under 18) £20
Training Meets Cap (Under 12) £10
Open to riders and foot followers for a minimum of £20.Under18 £10. Family £40 (Two adults and all under 18 children) Riders paying an Annual Subscription are automatically Hunt Club members. (Click button on left for more details)
New riders, and even regular hunters, are advised to check out our Newcomers Guide and/or the Etiquette page, which is designed to make everyone's life easier out hunting.

Hunting with Bloodhounds, like all horse sports, involves risk. Anyone taking part does so at their own risk and the Masters and Officers of the South Downs Bloodhounds are not liable for any injury, death or consequential loss to the horse or rider caused out hunting. Persons are strogly advised to ensure they have adequate personal accident and third party insurance.